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Welcome to the Sonic Electronix Knowledge Base, where the base of our knowledge is our knowledge of bass! Our team of experienced installers and product experts take you through the ins and outs of car audio, security systems, DJ gear and more!

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Latest Articles

1: Car Alarm Buying Guide
Buying a car alarm can add many new and incredibly convenient features to your car like remote start, keyless entry and ultimately, added protection to your vehicle!

2: Equalizer Buying Guide
Adding an Equalizer to your vehicle's sound system provides you with an entirely new way to hear your music. Equalizers offer you the chance to tune your sound to meet your vehicle's acoustics as well as your own listening preferences.

3: Sonic Electronix Certified Amplifiers
Our Sonic Electronix Certified Amplifier test ensures you know exactly what power ratings your amplifier will do before you make the purchase.

4: Subwoofer Enclosure Buying Guide
Buying the correct enclosure for your subwoofer is a critical step in building your sound system. The perfect enclosure can take your subwoofer, and your sound, to new lows that you never knew it could reach.

5: OFC vs. CCA Wire: The Rundown
100% Oxygen Free Copper (OFC) wiring offers tremendous advantages over its Copper Clad Aluminum (CCA) counterparts. OFC wiring provides significantly improved conductivity and durability to allow your system run at its best.

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