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How to Install AutoNet Mobile In-Car Router

Add WiFi to your car!

The AutoNet Mobile is the first wireless Internet Service Provider designed for vehicles. Installing one of these routers into your vehicle will practically turn your car into an internet café, minus the delicious coffee. This router turns your car into a WiFi zone, enabling all of your passengers to connect to the internet as you drive. Even while driving, the router will stay connected with the nation’s fastest 3G network. Plus, this networks spans a huge coverage area, so you will have access to the internet just about anywhere you travel. And since the WiFi zone spans approximately 1000 feet, you can access the internet while sitting outside at a sporting event, local park or anywhere else (provided you are parked within 1000 feet).

Check out this step-by-step installation guide for tips on mounting and wiring your AutoNet Mobile wifi car router.

Cleaning the Router
If the In-Car Router gets dirty, turn off the power and wipe the panel with a dry soft cloth. Do not clean the Router with a hard cloth or a cloth dampened by volatile solvents like paint thinner and alcohol.

Step 1: Mount the router. Where should you mount it? It depends on your vehicle. The trunk is certainly a good spot to house the router. In a van or SUV, you can mount it on the inside rear panel. In a sedan, you can mount it under the rear deck. The goal is to mount it in a place where the antennas have the most exposure to the outdoor skies without exposing it to water, direct sunlight, or heat. Also be sure to keep the unit away from the dashboard, rear tray, or air bag.

You want to mount it in a location that has adequate ventilation, so air can flow in and cool the router. For example, don’t mount it underneath the carpet, because it will overheat if it is covered by the rug. Also, make sure to put it in a spot at least 8-10 inches away from any passenger’s seat. This way nobody will accidentally touch the router.

Step 2: When you are drilling mounting holes, make sure you don’t tap into a brake or fuel line. Use the appropriate screws to mount the unit.

Step 3: Now that the unit is mounted, make sure your vehicle is off, and then disconnect the negative terminal connected to the battery.

Autonet Mobile Router

Step 4: Connect the red power wire to a circuit that only provides power.

Step 5: Connect the black ground wire to a piece of metal to ground the amp. You can use the vehicle’s metallic frame to ground the amp.

Step 6: Once all of your connections are secure, turn on your vehicle. The blue LED on the router should come on. You will now have a WiFi network in your vehicle.

The AutoNet mobile WiFi Router will give your car wireless internet for laptops, PDAs, phones, PSPs and more. Connect multiple machines simultaneously for a high-speed, broadband internet connection while on the road and in your car. Subscription for the wireless vehicle internet service starts at $29/month. That’s a steal of a deal for the internet on wheels.

Add Wifi To Car

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