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Benefits of Having a Radar Detector?

Never Worry About Tickets Again!

You woke up late and skimper out the door to get to work with your hair messy and shoes untied. For today, your commute likely consists of lead foot induced speeding and possible shaving while driving. Police officers always seem to be out to get you on days like this, but dont fret, a radar detector could take the edge off. The main purpose of a radar detector is to warn the driver that a radar gun is in the general area so they slow down and maintain a proper speed. What are the benefits of having a radar detector?

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Radar & Laser Detector – Valentine One

The obvious answer is that a quality radar detector will help reduce your chance of getting a speeding ticket. Properly programmed and mounted, a detector will alert the user if any of the many radar bands are being used to target their vehicle. Detectors make for a great peace of mind when things get a bit heavy footed.

More advanced detectors will detect laser or lidar speed guns as well as the standard radio wave detection. Red-light traffic cameras are popping up in cities everywhere and use the same radar or laser technology that state troopers use. Some detection units will have a GPS system that will alert you of upcoming speed traps, red-light cameras, or even common officer hiding locations. You arn’t free to speed everywhere and expect a radar/laser detector to keep the tickets away. You can however reduce the chance of getting a ticket, which is worth it considering most tickets cost more than a quality detector.

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