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How to Choose a DVD Player for Your Car

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If you want to create a first class vehicle entertainment system, DVD movie playback is a must-have. You need a DVD player in your car. There are two main types of car DVD players: DVD players with built-in monitors, and those that require external monitors. Even if your DVD head unit includes a built-in monitor, you can always hook up additional monitors throughout the vehicle. You can also use your built-in monitor with a rearview backup camera to allow you to see behind you when you are backing in reverse or parallel parking.

When selecting a DVD player for your vehicle, first you must figure out if the stereo will fit. Most in-dash DVD receivers are DIN-sized models, ready to fit in regular DIN dash slots. However, some are specifically designed as DOUBLE DIN models, ready to fit in vehicles with DOUBLE DIN dash holes. Check our DOUBLE DIN application guide to figure out your vehicle’s dash slot size.

Most DVD players feature touchscreen controls for convenient playlist control. When you aren’t playing a video, just use the screen to navigate through your favorite music. You will see the song and artist information on the screen. Some DVD players feature motorized screens that you can detract with the press of a button. This is a great security feature, as it hides the screen from potential criminals.

Besides playing CDs, MP3s, and DVDs, some DVD receivers also have all of the best expandability options. Some receivers include Bluetooth compatibility, iPod controls, and are ready for Sirius or XM satellite radio. Certain DVD players also offer GPS navigation functions. Enjoy the convenience of on-screens maps and a computer generated voice giving you directions over the speakers.

When choosing a DVD player, look for great features such as dual-zone capability, built-in wireless FM modulators and infrared transmitters. Dual-zone systems enable front seat passengers to listen to their music or station of choice while the rear passengers watch a movie or listen to an alternative musical choice. Systems with built-in FM modulators and infrared transmitters allow your passengers to use wireless headphones, affording you peaceful silence on the road while they enjoy their entertainment.

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