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How to Install Headrest Monitors

Rearseat Entertainment for Long Road Trips!

When it comes to installing headrest monitors, you have two options. The first option is to install a monitor inside of a headrest, which involves removing the factory headrest, cutting the upholstery, and installing a shroud. An easier way is to install replacement headrests that are preloaded with monitors. These preloaded headrests come in a wide variety of colors, materials and textures. This gives you plenty of options, so you should be able to find the perfect match for your vehicle’s interior design.

To install a monitor into an existing factory headrest, first remove the headrest from the seat. Next use a pencil to trace an outline to indicate the interior perimeter of the headrest shroud. With an x-acto/utility knife, cut an “X” from the center to each corner of the rectangle. DO NOT cut all the way to the corner of the rectangular outline. There should be approximately 1/2” inch of space between the corners of the rectangle and the ends of the “X”. Peel back the flaps and check to see if the shroud will fit in the opening. If it is not wide enough extend the “X” slightly towards the corners of the outline. Once the “X” is big enough, fold out and tape down the flaps.  Measure the depth of the shroud to figure out how much foam will need to be removed from the headrest.  To avoid removing too much foam, frequently insert the shroud into the opening.  Once the shroud is firmly in place, use an epoxy to bind it to the foam or fasten it to the support bar with screws. If using an epoxy, allow ample amount of drying time before moving to the next step. At this point, run the wiring through or alongside the metallic bars of the headrest and drop them through the seatback cover. Next, connect the wiring to the monitor and snap it into the shroud. Open the flap at the bottom of the seat, and connect the wires to the appropriate switch box or audio/video cables.

To install preloaded headrests, simply remove the factory headrest and snap in the replacement headrests. The headrest wiring will now hang down through along the metallic posts. To locate the wiring, open the flap at the bottom of the seat. Connect the wiring to the switch box or audio/video cables.

For video display, hook up the switch box inputs to the outputs of the DVD player (some headrests include built-in DVD players). Next connect the DVD player to the vehicles sound system, press play, and enjoy.

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