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How to Install In-Dash DVD/CD Players


As an installer for 10 years, I understand how frustrating it can be if you’ve never installed a video unit before. I will try to do my best to provide you with a step-by-step guide. However, if you are still unable to figure out how to install it based on reading these instructions, I highly recommend asking an individual who has experience to at least oversee your install.

In this example, the vehicle we will use is a 2000 Kia Sportage. I will be describing the install of a Jensen VM9216BT into this vehicle.TheScosche KA2065 dash kit and the Metra 70-1003 wire harness are designed for a 2000 Kia Sportage. These units are not simply plug and play. There is wiring necessary, but it only looks more confusing than it actually is.

If the harness plugs into the car, than it is correct. What you need to do is join the two harnesses together, the aftermarket harness and the vehicle harness. There are multiple ways to do so. If you have a soldering iron, then you should solder and tape your connections. If you have crimp caps, you can crimp them together. I’ve also seen people just twist the wires together and tape them off, though that is not considered up to the standards of a professional install.

Lets get started. As I said, the wiring is a lot easier than it looks. Take your Metra 70-1003 harness and the power harness from the Jensen VM9216BT. You should notice that the power harness from the unit has more wires than the Metra harness. That is fine since you are not going to be using all of the wires.

Below is the step by step guide to the process. Remember, make all the connections outside of the car and plug the harness in when done.

1st step: Making your connections

Join the Yellow wire from the Metra harness to the yellow wire of the Jensen VM9216BT power harness. Repeat this step with the rest of the colors, except the orange wire and blue wire on Metra Harness. Since the vehicle has the premium audio system, the blue wire on the Metra Harness needs to be connected to the Blue & White wire on the Jensen VM9216BT power harness. The Orange wires on both harnesses should just be taped off away from each other to avoid blowing your headlight fuse. After taping off the Orange wires, continue to tape off the Brown Wire, Solid Blue wire, and the Green/White wire. Why are you taping off these wires? If you are not installing a backup camera on the Jensen VM9213 power harness, the Green/White wire will not be used. The Solid Blue wire is for the power antenna, which will not be used in this example. Finally, the Brown wire controls the mute function on the aftermarket hands-free kit, which we will not be using here. After doing so, all of the wires should now be connected or taped off.

2nd Step: Installing/Bypassing the Pink Wire

Because this is a video unit, there is a Pink Parking Brake wire coming off the back of the unit. This is a safety feature that only allows you to view video while the car is parked. If you wish to bypass this the wire, then it does not need to be connected. Otherwise you will need to connect it to the ground wire that is connected to your Parking brake lever/pedal.

How to Bypass so you can play movies while in motion (Bypass comes after the unit is installed into car):

We cannot provide that information, but feel free to search the internet for more tips on bypass codes.

3rd Step: Mounting the Unit

1. There is a metal sleeve around the unit that needs to be removed. Press the metal levers on the side of the sleeve to remove the radio.

2. Take the Scosche KA2056B mounting kit that we sent you and remove the removable trim ring.

3. With the Trim ring removed carefully work the Jensen VM9216BT Sleeve into the radio opening.

4. With the sleeve installed, bend the tabs all around the sleeve to secure it to the kit.

5. With the sleeve installed into the kit, mount the kit into your car.

Final step: Plug-n-Play

Now that you have the kit mounted into your car, plug the harness into your vehicle and the other end into the Jensen VM9216BT. Connect your antenna and then slide the unit into the mounting sleeve until you hear it click in place.

Now, your install is done. Turn your car on and the unit should power up. With the power on you can run the video bypass!

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