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How to Clean a Flatscreen Television

Keep Your Flatscreen Clean!

If you have a flatscreen television, then you know it made a dent in your wallet. The last thing you want to do is ruin or scratch the screen by cleaning it. Dust and fingerprints always seem to find their way onto your flatscreen, but don’t just clean it with common cleaning products or methods; there is a proper method for cleaning your expensive flatscreen TV. It’s a simple process that only requires two things, a soft cloth and cleaning liquid that is specifically manufactured to clean flatscreens. The steps below will teach you the correct approach to properly clean your television.

Step 1:
Turn the television off and disconnect the power cable, fingerprints and dust are much easier to spot when the TV is off. This is also a safe method and won’t cause any damage to the screen or static electricity built-up.

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Step 2 :
Choose a cleaning solution specifically made for cleaning flatscreens, lukewarm water will work if you don’t have a cleaning liquid but it is not your best option. When choosing the cleaning product, read the label and make sure it is safe for LCD screens. There are cleaning kits available that include both the cleaning solution and a soft cloth.

Step 3:
Choose a soft cloth and lightly wipe off as much dust as possible. Then dampen the cloth with either the cleaning liquid or lukewarm water. Gently wipe the screen starting at one side and wiping straight across until dust and fingerprints are gone. Scrubbing and applying heavy pressure could cause damage and scratches to your screen.

Step 4:
In between cleanings, dust your flatscreen on a regular basis to avoid excessive dust build-up that can damage your TV. This will also save you time and money in the long run.

What Not To Do:
DO NOT use strong cleaners such as alcohol, ammonia-based cleaners, or window cleaners because they will damage.
DO NOT scrub, rub, or apply pressure when wiping the screen, this will cause damage to your screen.
DO NOT use any type of paper towel, napkin, or newspaper when cleaning your screen. These contain little wood particles that will scratch your screen.
DO NOT spray cleaner directly onto screen, it can leak into the cracks and crevices of the flatscreen and cause damage to the circuitry.
DO NOT wipe in a circular or up and down motion, this could cause scratches.
DO NOT wipe or clean with a dry cloth, this could also cause scratches in the screen.

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