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How to Mount Flat TVs Using The WMN1000B Wall Mount

Wall Mounted TV

Are you looking for an easy way to mount your flat TV? The Samsung WMN1000B wall mount lets you mount your TV easily and professionally.  To begin, open the WMN1000B Wall mount package. The package consists of a manual, screws (for concrete walls), TV anchors, slim wall mount and volts.


Step 1: Assembling TV Anchors:

a)    Arrange and screw the anchors onto the TV. Don’t use a drill to screw the anchors.
b)    Tighten the wires by turning the knobs.

Step2:  Assembling Wall Mounts:

c)    Measure the wall and mark the mounting spots.

       For concrete and solid brick wall:
–    Make 2 holes using a 9mm (0.3 inch) drill.
–    Use the concrete screws /anchor.
–    Insert the anchor into the wall using a hammer.
–    Insert the screws by hand and temporarily fix the wall mounts.
–    Tighten the screws and close the caps. Check if the wall mounts are firmly attached!

For wooden walls:
–    Make 2 holes using a 13mm (0.5 inch) drill.
–    Insert the screw holder into the wall.
–    Align the tips and push the cap forward into the wall.
–    Tear out the handle pieces.
–    Insert the screws by hand and fix the wall mount.
–    Tighten the screws.

Step 3: TV Installation:

d)    Hang the TV as you would hang a frame, sweeping the wall from the top.
e)    Use the back stand to tilt the TV to easily access its cable jacks.
f)    Close the stand after connecting the cables.

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