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Apple CarPlay Car Stereos

Apple CarPlay Installed by Sonic Electronix

Apple CarPlay is the latest in iPhone integration and offers a powerful way to interface your iPhone device with your car stereo. No more trying to fumble around with controlling your iPhone on an confusing interface. Apple CarPlay is designed for the car to make your life easier, create a safer driving experience, basically just be awesome.

What is Apple CarPlay?

Apple CarPlay is a smarter, safer way to use your iPhone in the car. It allows your iPhone (iPhone 5 or later) to completely integrate with your compatible car stereo and bring your iOS experience into the car with ease. CarPlay features Siri Eyes Free mode which allows you to navigate through your phone and apps by voice command, keeping your eyes on the road and hands on the wheel. With CarPlay, you can get directions, make calls, send and receive messages and listen to your favorite music without ever reaching for your phone.

How does Apple CarPlay work?

CarPlay works by plugging your iPhone in to your car stereo via USB. It is important to note that CarPlay is on your iOS device and not your stereo. Once connected, a customized version of iOS, designed by Apple, will display on your stereo complete with icons and Siri support. Once connected and running, you’ll be able to control your iPhone through the touchscreen controls of your stereo or through voice commands.

  1. Connect Your iPhone to the Stereo Through USB
  2. Open Your Favorite Apps
  3. Control Via Voice Control or Touchscreen
  4. Keep Your Eyes on the Road and off Your Phone

Apple CarPlay is all about being safe while driving. Controlling your phone through voice commands and your stereo stops you from having to reach for your phone to answer a call, check your directions or see what song is playing and leaves your hands and eyes free to concentrate on the road.

Car Stereos with Apple CarPlay

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How to Select a Portable Media Player

Take Your Music with You Anywhere

Portable media players enable you to carry all of your favorite music, video, and photos everywhere you go. The latest portable music players are light enough for workouts yet contain enough memory to hold your entire music collection. The iPod has become the most popular digital media player. The Apple corporation devised an ingenius ad campaign, and besides, it is very easy to use. However, there are also many other great alternatives available that are more affordable. Portable MP3 players with USB connections allow you to enjoy your music on your work computer or with a USB compatible car stereo. The sheer convenience of a portable media player makes these units a “must-have” for any music lover. How do you choose? Start by reading this article to find out about the different capabilities that top portable music players have to offer. Then choose the portable media player that best matches your needs.

Let’s start with iPods. Available in 8GB or 16GB of memory, the iPod Nano will carry music, photos and videos. The classic scroll-touch design makes selecting media simple and fun. When you purchase an iPod, you receive headphones and a USB cable. The USB cable makes it easy to connect your iPod to your computer, laptop or in-dash car stereo. The 4th generation iPod Nano features the all new Genius mode,. Genius mode enables your iPod to play songs within your library that are similar to the song initially selected. Another great feature is the innovative shuffle mode, which allows you to switch songs with the flick of a wrist. When this option is enabled, the iPod will actually pick a new song in response to a firm shake of the unit. Besides these new features, the iPod also comes loaded with great applications such as motion sensor games, an alarm clock, a scheduler and a stopwatch. As with any iPod, it will charge while connected to your computer or head unit, even while playing music through these sources.

iPod Touch

If you like the iPhone touchscreen layout, the iPod Touch is the portable media player for you. This handheld media player has a built-in 3.5” widescreen designed for photo, video and music playback. The iPod Touch is available in 8 GB, 16 GB and 32 GB models. This 2nd generation iPod also features Genius mode, and like an iPhone, it is compatible with the internet in any Wi-Fi zone. You can check your email, get directions or browse the web on your iPod Touch. Like the Nano, your purchase includes a USB cable and headphones.

If your media library is too big for the aforementioned models, then the Apple iPod classic 120GB model is the perfect unit for you. Its 120 GB capacity leaves enough space to hold two lifetimes worth of music and video. This 6th generation iPod is an absolute must-have for a music aficionado looking to store hundreds of albums. It is also a great piece for the audiophile who wants to store the highest quality versions of his songs. Higher quality means larger files, but with the 120GB model space is not an issue. Besides music, you can watch movies or enjoy photos on the 2.5” LCD screen and navigate through it all with the classic scroll-touch click wheel.The 120 GB is a big bonus for those who want to store lots of movies.

Without question, the iPod is an amazingly impressive device in terms of its practicality and convenience. However, there are many affordable spinoffs available. The Coby brand has designed many similar all-in-one digital media players that are light enough for travel. The Coby USB stick players are super small and range from 128 MB of capacity to as large as 2 GB. These models have a headphones input for music playback, but you can also store data, photos or videos on them. In this way, they can operate as USB flash drives in addition to serving as portable music players. The Coby line also features 1GB, 2 GB, 4 GB, and 8 GB digital media players for photo, video, and music playback. Similar to an iPod, you can control playback through a touchpad and watch your media on a built-in LCD screen. These models include USB cords, making it easy to connect them to your computer or USB compatible car stereos. Like iPods, they are rechargeable and they charge while plugged into your computer.

I hope you enjoyed learning about the various portable media player options that are available to you. When selecting a memory size, make sure to consider the potential expansion of your media collection. It is always better to end up with extra space instead of not enough!

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