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Car Alarm Buying Guide


Chances are if you own a car, you want to protect it. Most newer cars come with factory car alarms built-in, but if you drive an older car (or any car) without a car alarm, there’s nothing to really stop would-be thieves from breaking in and driving away (or just stealing your stereo/valuables). And while a car alarm can’t guarantee your car won’t be broken into, it is an incredibly effective deterrent. For an added benefit of adding a car alarm to your vehicle, many insurance companies actually offer lower rates on vehicles that have an alarm installed.

Why Add an Aftermarket Car Alarm?

In addition to making your car safer, an alarm can also make it much easier to use. Alarm remotes are often able to lock and unlock your car doors, open your trunk and even start your car before you get in. Some systems even eliminate the additional remote entirely and integrate with your smartphone. With all of this in mind, adding a car alarm system to your vehicle shouldn’t be an ‘if’, it should only be a matter of when.

Car Alarm Features:

For most people, the idea of a car alarm is simply that, an alarm that is there solely to thwart would-be thieves. However, there is much more to your typical car alarm system besides the obvious (the intentionally obnoxious blaring siren anytime something bumps your car). Adding a car alarm to your vehicle can also make your life much simpler. Most car alarms include convenience features like panic mode, which allows you to set off the alarm from your remote, a trunk release function as well as valet mode, which lets you lower the system sensitivity when a valet is parking your car.

Smartphone Integration:

The first step in deciding what kind of car alarm to purchase should be whether or not you want a system that will integrate with your smartphone. If your keychain is already pretty full, or maybe you want to keep it clutter-free, a smartphone integrated system might be the way to go. These systems eliminate the need for that keychain pager and allow you to control your system directly from your phone with a free downloadable app from the manufacturer. These systems are also not limited by the range of a traditional pager, as long as your phone has a signal, you’ll be able to control your alarm from anywhere. Most smartphone compatible systems will work with iPhone, Android and Blackberry devices.

Remote Start:

Always Be Prepared with a Remote Start System!

Adding remote start to your vehicle is ideal for anyone living in an area with freezing winters or sweltering summers. The remote start function allows you to start your car with your alarm pager without being in the drivers’ seat. Most car alarm pagers have ranges of at least 500 feet and can reach up to a mile while smartphone integrated systems are often only limited by whether you have reception or not. With a remote start system, you will never have to get into your frozen car in the doldrums of winter or get into a 150 degree car in the summer.

Remote start systems either come built in to a security system or can be added on to an alarm with a remote start module. Most newer vehicles (any car with a ‘chipped’ key) also require animmobilizer bypass to be installed. The immobilizer bypass essentially tricks the vehicle into thinking that the key is in the ignition, allowing you to remote start the car. Select remote start systems work with both automatic and manual transmissions.

Some remote start systems also include a feature called Turbo Timer. A turbo timer allows your engine to run for a predefined amount of time after you park. This is an ideal feature for turbo charged vehicles as it prevents the hot oil in your engine from choking up the lines in your engine. Proper engine cool down is an essential piece of keeping your engine and turbo healthy.

Keyless Entry:

Keyless entry allows you to lock and unlock your car doors (assuming your vehicle is equipped with power doors) as well as your trunk with the push of a button. Keyless entry is a great feature to have if you often have your hands full when you are heading to your car as it eliminates the need to use your car key to manually unlock your vehicle.

2-Way Paging:

2-Way Paging provides you with a great way to monitor your vehicle without actually being near it. As long as you are within the range of your pager, you will receive an alert (typically either vibration, audible or visual) when your alarm is triggered. Your pager will also provide responses to commands you send.

Shock Sensors, Motion Detectors and Tilt Sensors:

Car Alarms Also Work as Bear Deterrents, Don't Let Bears Break into Your Car!

A standard feature on many car alarms, a shock sensor is designed to trigger the alarm on light or heavy impacts and vibrations. Basically, if anyone hits, bumps or moves your car in any way, the system will know that it is happening and how intense the movements are. Depending on how strong these shocks are, the system will send out a warning or the full on alarm to deter would-be thieves. The most effective protection against shock/impact is a dual zone shock sensor. A dual zone shock sensor utilizes electromagnetic technology to eliminate mechanical parts and provides 2 outputs, the first of which offers a Warn Away response on light impact and the second instantly triggers the alarm on a hard impact.

Motion detectors do just what their name implies: they detect any motion around your vehicle. Motion detectors are an ideal add-on to convertibles, open jeeps and any other vehicle that isn’t completely enclosed. The most common motion detectors are more or less basic radar systems that send out radio signals to detect movement in the immediate vicinity.

Tilt sensors detect when someone attempts to put your car up on a jack or hook it up to a tow truck. When a tilt sensor detects your car being lifted up on an angle, it sends a signal and your alarm will sound.

Installing a car security system can be a very complex project and it is generally recommended that you seek out a professional installer to ensure the system is integrated properly into your vehicle. It is also important to note that any security system won’t necessarily work with any vehicle, if you have any questions before purchasing our helpful sales and technical support professionals are available 7 days a week.


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Remote Car Starters

Have Your Car Ready for You with a Remote Start System

It is 7am and a brisk 9° F outside in the middle of winter with the wind blowing angrily about. A warm cup of coffee would only last a few seconds outside during the short trip to your car. Once inside you have to sit and wait for the engine to warm up all the while shivering underneath your many layers of clothing. Spend a minute to thank modern technology because you can now start your vehicle from the comfort of your own home, whether it is 9° F or 109° F. Keep reading to find out if a Immobilizers and Immobilizer Bypasses for more information about these theft deterrent devices

How is it made safe?

For most, the idea of their vehicle starting without an occupant inside is a scary thought for countless reasons. Is it going to roll away? Is someone going to break in and steal it while it’s on? If there is an emergency, who will turn it off? For those with manual transmissions, what prevents it from activating when in gear? All of these are normal concerns that many have. Luckily manufactures are a step ahead.

Most remote start systems still require a key in the ignition before the vehicle will shift into gear. Tied to the brake pedal, an engine cut off switch can be wired so if a thief tries to put the vehicle in gear the engine will turn off. Hood pin switches can be installed as well so that if the vehicles hood is up, the car will not start. A neutral safety switch input wire connects to the shifter of most vehicles preventing the vehicle from starting if it is in any gear other than Park (P). Some remote starters even have emergency brake connectors that prevent the vehicle from starting if the emergency brake is not engaged.  In the event that you are unable to get to your vehicle, remote start systems have automatic shut down timers that will turn the engine off automatically after a set time limit has expired, usually 5 minutes. The more advanced a remote start unit is, the more safety features it will have.

Why do you need one?

A remote starter unit has many benefits for the user. The primary benefit is the ability to turn your vehicle on from the comfort of your home or office allowing it to heat up or cool down before you get inside. While this is a novelty feature, there is more to it than that. To increase the longevity of your engine, it is always recommended to leave it idling for a few minutes so the engine reaches operational temperatures, especially when it’s cold. Your vehicles fluids need to heat up and circulate, especially the oil in the crank case which lubricates important moving parts. Driving your vehicle immediately after turning it on does not give your engine time to reach equilibrium which could decrease its overall life span. Being able to remotely start your vehicle wastes none of your time and lets your vehicle reach its optimum operational levels before being driven.

What is the installation like?

Installing a remote start system is extremely difficult and technical. We recommend only professional installers install one into your vehicle. Cutting the wrong wires or incorrect soldering can disable your vehicle, fry the electronics or blow fuses. A remote starter unit cuts into some of the most important wiring in your vehicle and is not a do-it-yourself project. Some vehicles require specialty immobilizer bypass units or other components not found in remote start kits that can be equally as difficult to install.

What variations are there?

Remote start systems come in a variety of combinations with many additional options. Remote start systems can be combined with keyless entry and alarm systems for an all-in-one protection and convenience package. There are stand alone remote start systems with one button remotes for easy on/off no hassle remote starting.

What additional features are available?

As you climb the chain of remote start units and the features they have, the higher you go the more features they have. As you progress, remote start systems show up with 2-way paging systems and remotes with LCD screens that confirm vehicle status and commands. Other systems integrate with a vehicles dome and parking lights to provide illumination queues. For those vehicles with turbo chargers, built-in turbo timer functions will keep the engine running for a short duration to let the turbo system cool down. Some two-way paging systems can have a remote range of up to one mile! With the explosion of smart phones, some remote start/car alarm makers have applications that allow you to start your vehicle from you phone and check on the status of it from anywhere you get cell phone reception. For alarm systems, dual stage shock sensors can be added for more precise protection. There are many more features available than what is listed here.

A remote start system is a great way to add a huge amount of convenience, safety and longevity to your vehicle. These devices are often paired with keyless entry and alarm systems for an all-in-one package. Be it winter or summer, a remote start system can get your vehicle prepped and ready for any temperature or weather condition and much more.

Remote Car Starters

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Remote Car Starters

Remote Start

Remote start systems allow you to warm up your engine from a distance. Don’t be alarmed, even though you’re starting your engine, it does not mean someone can open your door and drive away with your vehicle. Even though the engine starts from a remote command, you still need to put the key into the ignition to actually drive away. If someone does try to hop in while you have the engine running, as soon as they touch the parking brake, the engine will shut off (until you decide to start the car again). Besides, you also control the automatic power locks through your remote, so you can always just lock your vehicle in the first place.

On a hot day, you can cool down your car from the comfort of your home. Besides the convenience of climate control, these devices warm up your vehicle before you start driving, which some mechanics believe will help prolong the life of your engine. Many of our remote car starters also include a car alarm to help protect your vehicle and its contents from theft. Besides discouraging the theft of your vehicle and its contents, you will be notified of a break-in via the 2-way paging system.

A remote engine starter can be programmed to automatically start you car periodically in10-60 minute intervals. This is a great technique for preventing your vehicle’s gas, oil and engine fluids from freezing. To control the temperature inside of the cab, just make sure you have the heater or air conditioning running before you turn off the car. The next time you use the remote start it will automatically heat or cool your vehicle based on your previous climate settings. Remote starters also allow you to lock and unlock your car doors with the press of a button. Certain 2-way remote car starters will even enable you to roll down the windows, open the sunroof, pop open the trunk or the hood, turn on the dome lights, beep the horn, and even start the defroster.

Our remote ignition starters feature two-way communication. For example, when you start the car, an image of the car on the LCD remote screen will show smoke exiting the tailpipe, indicating that the car has been started. This way, when you use your remote to start your car, you can be sure that the signal was transmitted to the vehicle even when from a distance. Two-way pager remotes will also indicate whether you successfully locked or unlocked your doors.

Your vehicle must have an electronic fuel injected motor only. Remote car starters are not recommended for manual transmissions. If your vehicle has an immobilizer you must purchase a bypass module, transponder, or data interface in order to bypass the immobilizer so that the engine starts when you use your remote car starter. Only certain makes of vehicles manufactured from 1993 and on require these bypass modules for remote start, keyless entry, and window controls.

Remember, remote car starters can offer both climate control and vehicle security at the touch of a button. Be sure to get an experienced professional to perform you install.

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Glossary: Vehicle security

Vehicle Security is Very Important

Actuator – Standard door lock motors for adding power door locks to most vehicles (requires relays unless purchasing 4 door kit which already has relays, see tech for application)

Add-ons Motion Sensor (dei-500t) – Detects vertical motion from jacking or towing attempts. Water resistant design utilizes offset silver-plated contacts for a wide range of adjustment. Recommended as a cheap alternative to the tilt sensor.

Air resonance sensor (ultrasonic sensor) – The sensor detects movement inside the vehicle by sensing air disturbance. The sensor will trigger the alarm if a thief tries to gain access to the interior of your vehicle. This sensor will only work properly if all entrackes are closed (doors, windows, sunroof, etc).

Audio sensor (glass break sensor) – Provides pre-entry protection by detecting tampering and breaking of vehicle’s glass. Reliable CMOS design with remote microphone analyzes frequency, intensity and timing of intrusion sounds to eliminate false alarms.

Back-up battery - Sealed 0.7 amp/hour lead/acid battery powers and triggers the alarm when vehicle’s battery is disconnected. A must for any high-security installation.

Closed Loop Sensor (dei-502t) - Perfect for monitoring auxiliary lights, car covers, trailers or anything that you might want to trigger the alarm when you disconnect it. Extremely low current consumption, and compact transistorized design provides both positive and negative output triggers when input trigger is disconnected.

Diodes - allows current (+/-) to travel in one direction. Generally used for door lock wires on certain cars.

Dual zone shock sensor (stinger double guard shock sensor) – The most effective protection against shock/impact. Uses electromagnetic technology to eliminate mechanical parts . Two outputs are provided. The first offers a Warn Away® response on light impact and the second instantly triggers the alarm on hard impact.

Dual Zone - is a feature of proximity and shock sensors only. Zone 1 ( light impact on shock sensor and short motions(adjustable) on proximity sensor) will trigger warn away chirp to warn intruder that car has an alarm without setting off the full alarm. Zone 2 (heavy impact on shock sensor and extended motions(adjustable) on proximity sensor) will trigger the alarm to “go off”.

Knock sensor -  this sensor is designed for AUTOPAGE ALARMS ONLY. It will allow someone to alert you by tapping on the exact spot where the sensor is located to alert the person who has the paging remote. It will show on the remote but will not trigger the alarm.

Magnetic switch - this sensor is designed to trigger an alarm when the circuit it is connected to is “broken” or opened. Good for tool boxes, tunnel covers, and sliding windows on trucks.

Mini Piezzo siren (dei-513t) - Special-application siren often used as a pain generator inside the vehicle.

Pin switch – this switch is designed to trigger an alarm when the circuit is grounded (pin depressed). Good for car doors, hoods, trunks, tool boxes, and gas tank doors.

Power window kit - this is an aftermarket kit for cars with manual windows only and turns a pair of windows into power windows.

Proximity sensor (field disturbance sensor) – The most effective vehicle-intrusion sensor. This dual zone radar sensor detects moving high-density objects using RF field-disturbance technology. Ideal for convertibles or any application where zone-intrusion protection is desired.

Pulse timer relay - Adjustable (1 to 90 seconds) timer-controlled 30A relay. Activates with a (+) or (-) trigger input. For temporary circuit connect/disconnect applications. For example if your alarms do not have a built in turbo timer you can use this relay to create one. Can be used for remote start systems on diesel engines which do not have a wait to start wire.

Relay – an electronic switch which can be used for multiple applications (ie. Reverse polarity, adding door lock actuator, trunk release solenoids, adding starter kill to a vehicle, and remote turn-on when adding multiple amplifiers to a system)

Shock sensor – this sensor is designed to trigger an alarm on light or heavy impacts and vibrations (standard sensor included with most alarms)

Tilt sensor (digital tilt sensor) - this sensor is designed to trigger an alarm when the vehicle is lifted by a jack or tow truck when the alarm is armed. Recommend to someone is worried about there rims. Sensor will remember the angle of the vehicle before it is armed and will only trigger if angle is changed.

Trunk release solenoid - Interfaces with existing latch or release cable to provide power trunk/hatch release by switch or remote control. Comes with mounting bracket, hardware and momentary switch. Requires relay.

2 window up and down (au93) - window automation system controls the operation of two windows in both directions. Can automatically roll up two power windows when a security system is armed, and will provide “one touch” up and down operation for both factory power window switches. Accepts (-) switch inputs to make interfacing with European style, rest at ignition window systems simple; and the adjustable sensitivity makes it compatible with most factory power windows systems. Windows can also be vented or rolled down completely by remote control, using an auxiliary validity channel of a security system.

2 windows up/down (au934) - Allows operation of two windows in one direction or one motor in two directions. Interfaces with most modular alarms. Great for sunroofs or rear windows

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