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Car Audio 101: Car Stereos

The first step to upgrading your car audio system is generally installing an aftermarket stereo. Your stereo is the center point of your sound system and a low quality receiver will leave the rest of your system lacking, no matter how great it is. The stereo’s job in your sound system is to send signal to your speakers (or amplifier if you have one). A low quality factory receiver will send dirty, distorted signals to your speakers which will result in poor sound quality. A new stereo by itself can make even basic factory setups sound significantly better.

A huge improvement in sound quality won’t be the only upgrade you’ll get from an aftermarket stereo. You will also be able to add a ton of new and improved features over your old factory stereo like an improved equalizer, smartphone integration, built-in GPS navigation and more. While your factory radio may support features like this, they are often much more limited than what an aftermarket radio is capable of. For newer vehicles that come with factory steering wheel controls and backup cameras, you will be able to find an adapter to integrate them into an aftermarket stereo.

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