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Car Audio and Video

When you upgrade your car’s entertainment system, you improve the driving experience for all. At our affordable prices, you don’t need to go on “Pimp my Ride” to build the vehicle entertainment system of your dreams.

  • Going from Ordinary Tunes to a Melodic Symphony

What’s in a stereo? Your factory radio may be adequate, but why settle for less than the best when you can afford to upgrade to a first class head unit? I ask again, what’s in a stereo? In our opinion, when someone takes a seat in your vehicle and you turn the volume up, it should be an entertainment experience. If you just want a stereo that only has a few more features and options than your factory radio, we have those too. But if you want a head-turning, smile-inducing stereo at an affordable price, you are looking in the right place.

An aftermarket stereo is the first step towards building a great vehicle sound system. They usually come standard with controls for your AM/FM tuner and also have CD, MP3, WMA, and AAC playback capability. An increasing number of receivers also include features such as DVD playback, Sirius and XM satellite radio controls, digital HD Radio, internal hard drives, Bluetooth capability, GPS navigation, and inputs for iPod and USB use. Check out the head units section for more info on the latest designs.

  • Step up Your Speakers

The cheapest and simplest way to upgrade your sound system is to upgrade your speakers. Step up your speakers, and you step up your system to a whole new level. An after-market set of speakers is better able to handle a wider range of frequencies. The improvement from factory to aftermarket speakers is so dramatic that you will wonder why you didn’t upgrade sooner.

Of course, a step up from a car with aftermarket speakers, is a car with both aftermarket speakers and subwoofers. Car subs will give an overall depth and realistic sound to your music. Subs add booming bass beats to let the whole block know that you mean business. To get the most out of your subs, you need a subwoofer enclosure. We have a wide variety of professionally constructed sub boxes, built for your convenience and designed to perfectly complement your personalized system. We advise you to choose a sealed, ported or bandpass box based on your subwoofer specifications and available vehicle space.

  • Amp Up Your System

An amplifier modulates power from your car battery, feeding power into your subwoofers and speakers. The power generated from the amp enables the speakers to emit both low bass beats and high frequency sounds. You need to choose an amplifier that can supply enough power at a specific ohm load, called the impedance. Take your time when choosing an amplifier, because the amplifier is the blood-life to your sound system.

  • Create a Theater on Wheels

As a driver, your primary responsibility is to keep your passengers safe. But assuming you’ve got that covered, why not look (and sound) good while doing it? That’s where we come in. To thrill your passengers with movies and TV, install one of our car stereos with in-dash DVD playback. To complete the system, you will need LCD Monitors, and we carry overhead, headrest, stand alone, rearview, sun visor, and in-dash monitors. For the ultimate system, check out our in-dash DVD receivers with built-in screens and touchscreen controls. They feature motorized screens so that you can put the screen away when out of use. Another option for top notch entertainment is our overhead monitors that include built-in DVD players. Not only do these combos simplify the installation process, they also blend in nicely with your vehicle.

If you have young children, be sure to look for systems with built-in wireless FM modulators and infrared transmitters. These systems enable passengers to use wireless headphones, affording you peaceful silence on the road.

Now that you know what you need, plan out your budget and call us today to start building a state-of-the-art entertainment system on wheels.

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Staff writers at Sonic Electronix are experts in their field. In addition to a complete in-house training program, these experts typically have many years of hands-on experience in their specialty. Some come from car audio installer backgrounds, while others come with extensive retail experience.
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