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How to Install Bluetooth in your Car

In most states, talking on the phone while driving is against the law. It’s also dangerous. This is why many drivers are installing Bluetooth products, which use voice activation technology for hands-free communication. Read more to learn how to install Bluetooth technology into your car for a safer and more convenient drive.

The easiest way to install Bluetooth in your car is to install a portable, stand-alone device. One option is to install a rearview mirror with built-in Bluetooth. Rear-view mirror devices display the caller ID on bottom corner of the rearview mirror. This allows the driver to keep his eyes on the road when answering the phone. To install it, clamp the rearview mirror Bluetooth device onto your existing rearview mirror. Note that you can easily transfer it by unclamping the frame. Rear-view mirror Bluetooth devices are typically powered by the cigarette lighter, though some are battery operated.

To install a sun-visor Bluetooth kit, all you need to do is pick a spot on the console to mount the stand alone speaker. Ussually it will come with an adhesive or velcro for mounting purposes. After that, you need to clip the microphone to the sun-visor. The microphone will have a clip for this purpose. Using any of these devices provides you with hands-free Bluetooth technology that can be easily transferred among your various vehicles.

For a more integrated Bluetooth system, install a Bluetooth integration kit, which are designed for your specific Bluetooth-ready stereo. Bluetooth-ready car stereos will provide you with full stereo controls of your cell phone, but you need to purchase and install a hideaway box and adapter. First use adhesive to mount the microphone anywhere on the dash or console area. You may also clip it to the sunvisor. After that you need to plug a wire harness into your stereo for the hideaway box. You will need to remove your stereo from the dash opening. Remove all screws and nuts holding the head unit in the dash, and slide of the head unit. You may need to use a flat head to carefully pry it out. Now you will plug in the Bluetooth integrated harness to connect the vehicle harness to the other wiring harnesses. Put the head unit back into the dash opening and replace any screws you removed.

In comparison to portable Bluetooth devices, integration systems are more complicated to install but it is worth it because they are far superior in terms of the added features. Your  car stereo will mute the music automatically when a call comes in, and you’ll be able to hear the caller through you car stereos. Given that the caller’s voice is played over your car’s speakers and the microphone enables you to respond, you are essentially communicating through a high quality speaker-phone. These systems look more factory-integrated than portable systems, and you only have to remove the head unit and connect a wire harness to add them. We carry Parrot and EGO by Funkwerk Bluetooth kits and Parrot or PAC factory integration harnesses.

The best option is to install a car stereo with built-in hands-free capability. Unlike a Bluetooth ready car stereo, you won’t need to install a hideaway adapter box. Installing a stereo with built-in Bluetooth hands-free capability gives you full control over your cell phone. When shopping for car stereos, look for stereos with built-in Bluetooth. With these models, you will install them into your dash opening and connect the wire harness and power wires just as you would a regular car stereo. After you tighten the screws, you will have Bluetooth in your car, compatible with any Bluetooth ready phone. With a Bluetooth integrated stereo, you can read the caller ID display on the stereo faceplate and control the volume of the call with your stereo controls. Some stereos also have integrated controls for answering calls. They may also allow you to use your stereo controls to scroll through your address book. Finally, if you install an in-dash DVD player with a built-in monitor, you can use touch-screen controls for dialing and selecting phone numbers in your address book. This is very convenient for locating phone numbers.

Bluetooth has quickly become a necessity for drivers due to recent laws and the sheer convenience of hands-free communication. Enjoy a safer driving experience and install Bluetooth into your car today!

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