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Step-by-Step GPS Navigation Installation

With GPS navigation installed in your vehicle, you will no longer find yourself lost on the road or fumbling through confusing maps. Of course, installing GPS navigation can be a challenging task, so you will want to read this step by step GPS navigation installation guide before you start.

Plug-and-Play Portable Navigation Systems

Plug-and-play models can be mounted on the dash with adhesive or to the windshield with suction cups. To power these portable navigation units, use the cigarette adapter. After that, you’re ready to use GPS navigation in the car.

In-Dash and Remote-Mount Systems

In-dash and remote-mount GPS navigation units are a little more difficult to install. In-dash systems are designed to fit in your dashboard opening to replace your existing car stereo. Make sure you purchase a head-unit with built-in GPS navigation. Head units that are “GPS Navigation ready” require additional purchases and wiring. For single DIN GPS navigation units, the monitors are usually motorized and pop out from the dash. For DOUBLE DIN units, the screen is built-in to the in-dash head unit. Check our fit guide to see if your vehicle is ready for a regular DIN or DOUBLE DIN model. If you insist on installing a DOUBLE DIN, keep in mind that your vehicle may require a custom install, include cutting at the dash board.

In-dash navigation systems play music like regular car stereos in addition to providing navigation. You will need to mount a GPS antenna on your vehicle and connect a few wires to ensure the device operates correctly.

Required Tools:
•    Screwdrivers (Flathead, Phillips)
•    Panel Remover
•    Wire Cutter and Stripper
•    Ratchet

You may also need one or more of the following:  Screwdrivers (Flat, Phillips) and Screws, Drill, Pliers, Knife, Flashlight

Installation Obstacles

Throughout the wiring process you will need to remove panels and other objects that conceal your vehicle’s wiring. To access the wiring, remove any screws or plastic pegs and then ca