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The Benefits of Sound Dampening Equipment

Do you want to control the noise in your vehicle and prevent it from interfering with your music? Use sound dampening equipment to eliminate the excess noise of vehicle vibration and engine clatter. Sound dampening material reduces speaker vibration, resonance, and other vehicular noises. The sound dampening equipmentconverts vibration energy into heat. This reduces those unwanted noises that muddle your stereo system’s sound.

Most car audio experts recommend adding noise dampening equipment to your vehicle because it optimizes your sound system. Car doors are not very good speaker enclosures, given that they are constructed from thin sheet metal and are hollowed out. The poor acoustic environment results in discordant speaker rattling and vibration. You need to add sound dampening equipment to eliminate negative wave cancellation. The back wave cancellation reduces volume output and clarity.

Noise reduction Chart

Sound dampening adhesive sheets ensure optimal sound reproduction, because they reduce the interior noise and heat levels. Attaching the sheets to the inner and outer door skins eliminates air pockets and absorbs speaker vibrations. Be sure to wear gloves when installing the sheets to avoid cutting yourself! The inner door skin is underneath the exterior door panel and acts as the mounting baffle for the speaker. Be sure to cover any holes, because these holes promote mid-range frequency cancellation.

Now that you added layers to the inner and outer doors skins, you should also add a layer to the outer door skin directly behind the speaker to further reduce back-wave cancellation. It is important to add sheets to all three of these parts because doing so will enhance your speakers’ volume while simultaneously reducing distortion. Adding sound dampening layers to your panels is the equivalent of adding a more powerful amplifier to your system, because doing so will create a sound that is noticeably more powerful. In terms of durability, these sheets are weather and temperature resistant, which ensures you will enjoy premium sound quality for many years to come.

To truly appreciate the effectiveness of sound dampening material, consider the acoustic loss factor. The acoustic loss factor is a measure of the ability to reduce structural borne sound. It does so by measuring the amount of vibrational energy converted to heat instead of sound. Acoustic loss factor is based on a linear scale of 0-1, with 1 representing a perfectly damped panel with no vibration and 0 representing an undamped steel panel. Now compare an undamped 1mm steel panel’s loss factor, which is approximately 0.001 at 200 Hz, to the same steel panel but with a layer of NVX sound dampening added on. This makes the loss factor 0.417, a huge improvement. If you added more layers of NVX dampening to the steel panel, it would further enhance the sound efficiency.

NVX SDDK12 is one of our most popular pieces of sound dampening equipment. It is constructed with lastomeric butyl and aluminum. It is designed for performance in temperatures ranging from 14°F to 140°F (- 10°C to 60°C), but it can last through temperatures ranging from -65°F to 300°F (-54°C to 149°C). To install NVX sound dampening layers, cut the size and shape of the desired application, and then remove any dirt or grime from the application surface. Remove the blue liner from the mat and apply the adhesive side to the door panel. To securely fasten the mat, use a roller to apply it. Use the roller to eliminate air pockets, or use a knife to poke holes in the pockets to deflate them. Be sure to use gloves during this process to help protect your hands.

Sound Dampening Material

Sound dampening products help reduce distortion and promote cleaner reproduction. Your entire car should be fitted with sound dampening equipment to reduce dissonant resonance and back-wave cancellation. Our NVX and Dynamat products help reduce subwoofer rattling, road noise, and vibration. Check out our trunk kit and door kit, which provide dampening equipment for two of the more high pressure areas in your vehicle. We also carry a Dynamat license plate kit, which eliminates license plate rattling from deep bass thumps. Whatever you choose, you can’t go wrong, as you will set your system apart by adding sound dampening equipment to your vehicle.

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